Wholesale Elephant Pants!

Wholesale elephant pants up to 55% off

We are the number one trusted supplier of handmade elephant pants in North America. We offer quality, fast delivery, and competitive pricing. Work with the company that is turning the tides on an endangered species by donating a portion of its proceeds to elephant conservation projects in Southeast Asia.


Units Discount
20-30 units 35% OFF
31-40 units 40% OFF
41-50 units 45% OFF
50-100 units 50% OFF
100+ units 55% OFF

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To register and create your wholesale account, you will need to provide valid contact information, expected order size, and retail destination. To qualify for tax exemption, you must provide a valid resale tax ID.

Once enrolled, you will be assigned personalized discount tiers based on your account size. The ordering/checkout process is simple and easy!

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You can contact our sales team anytime by emailing your inquiry to sales@theelephanttemple.com. 

Why order form us?

We are must trusted supply of handmade elephant pants in North America. Unlike other harem pants made in a factory, our elephant pants are handmade by our team of dedicated seamstresses, and double-stitched to last. We handle everything from fabric sourcing & assembly, to the delivery at your shop. We've earned hundreds of five star reviews over the years; plus, we donate a portion of the proceeds to the Elephant Conservation Center. Learn more about who we are and how we've earned our reputation by scheduling a call, or visiting our site

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much is shipping?

Wholesale orders are shipped via 1 day UPS-Ground, and pricing is calculated based on the weight. E.g. an order of 100 elephant pants, weighing 30-40lbs would incur a shipping rate of approximately $45.

What about returns?

We offer FREE RETURNS on any defective, or unsatisfactory items within 30 days after delivery.

What is your average lead time?

Our average lead time is 7-14 days. If your items are not in-stock at the time of purchase, an additional 1-2 weeks will be added to the lead time.

How do I place my order?

Once you've registered your account. You will be assigned a personalized tier of discount codes. The check out process is simple and easy.

Will taxes be added on to my order?

If you are an authorized retailer, sales tax will not be applied to your oder. You must provide a state issued certificate of resale at the time of registration in order to be exempt. 

What about other products?

Additional products can be easily applied to your order and discount at the same rate. If you have questions about purchasing jewelry, headbands, masks, shorts, shirts, kimonos, bags, or any other accessory by themselves, please contact our sales team at sales@theelephanttemple.com

Do you ship international?

Absolutely! You will want to coordinate with our supply team on a strategy for custom's clearance and estimated import taxes.

What about custom content?

If you have a specific cut or pattern in mind, you can collaborate with a design specialist on your very own pair of custom elephant pants for your storefront. We offer private labeling for select customers. Lead time for custom fabrics is 3-5 weeks.