Walking with elephants

Named after the elephant temple in Chaing Rai (Wat Ron Khun), The Elephant Temple is a symbol of the elephant’s strength. Our name represents the elephant’s persistence and survival in Asia today.

By partnering with the Elephant Conservation Center in Sayaboury, Lao, our team ensures that your money is used where it is needed most. At The Elephant Temple, we believe that one pair of pants can make a difference. That’s why 10% of every purchase you make is dedicated to these projects.

Mahout from elephant conservation center smiling next to elephant

We do not believe that comfortability has to come at a loss for style. That’s why we make sure that your pants are made from the softest cottons in Thailand. Unlike other harem pants made in a factory, our elephant pants are handmade and double-stitched to ensure your elephant pants last as long as you do! Thats right, no more rips or tears, or your money back!

Supplier hand-stitching elephant pants

Our goal is to show the world that these pants are more than just super comfy, perfect for yoga, paddle boarding, hiking, traveling, or just lounging around the home. Our goal is to show the world that these pants are a symbol, like the temple our company is named after, that there is still hope for the Asian Elephant.

The Elephant Temple in Chiang Rai