Pants with Purpose

$10,000 donated to elephant conservation projects

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We believe that one pair of pants can make a difference, that's why we design every pair of elephant pants with purpose.

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With Purpose

Quality fabrics

We use only the highest quality fabrics from Chiang Mai, Thailand, to assemble your items. From start to finish, these fabrics must pass a series of rigurous quality control inspections.

Assembled with care

Unlike other harem pants assembled in a factory, our elephant pants are handmade by artisans who care and double-stitched to last.

Our mission

Elephant pants symbolize hope for the dwindling elephant population in Southeast Asia. Our mission is to end the elephant population crisis in Asia one pair of pants at a time.

Give something that gives back!

For every pair of elephant pants sold, we donate 10% of the profits to the Elephant Conservation Center of Laos

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