Phu Noy

Phu Noy


On December 25th, 2020, the Elephant Conservation Center welcomed a new baby elephant into its herd! Phu Noy symbolizes a new hope for the ECC. With less than 800 elephants remaining in Laos, this healthy little guy shows that the population here is capable of making a comeback! He's just a little over 80kg (a little guy) but he's full of energy! It takes 2 fully trained mahouts to keep him out of trouble! 

How your contribution helped Phu Noy:

When you made your purchase at The Elephant Temple , we took 10% of the proceeds and donated to the Elephant Conservation Center. There your donation went to providing veterinary care, food, and enrichment for Phu Noy, as well as wages for his mahouts (caretakers). 

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You can continue sponsoring Phu Noy by signing up for the Tiny Trunks Program. When you sign up for our Tiny Trunks Program, we donate 10% of all the proceeds of your orders to Phu Noy. We track your progress, and you get rewards based on how much you money you raise!

You'll get $1 back for every dollar you raise! You can also earn rewards in all kinds of ways: birthdays, referrals and more! Learn more about Phu Noy, and track your donations @theelephantconservationcenter.

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