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When you sign up for our Tiny Trunks Program, you are signing up to sponsor your very own elephant at the Elephant Conservation Center. Every time you make a purchase, we donate 10% of the proceeds to your elephant! We track your progress and you get rewards based on how much you money you raise.

Get $1 back for every dollar you raise! Earn rewards in all kinds of ways: birthdays, referrals and more!

Meet Your Elephants!

Phu Noy

Phu Noy

On December 25th, 2020, the Elephant Conservation Center welcomed a new baby elephant into its herd! Phu Noy symbolizes a new hope for the ECC. With less than 800 elephants remaining in Laos, this healthy little guy shows that the population here is capable of making a comeback! He's just a little over 80kg (a little guy) but he's full of energy! It takes 2 fully trained mahouts to keep him out of trouble! 

Bua Banh

Bua Banh

Bua Banh suffered a terrible leg injury during his earlier days in the logging industry. He was hit hard in the leg by a log he was pulling down hill; this accident resulted in a large fracture. After receiving medical treatment by the Sayboroury Mobil Clinic, Bua Banh had a 20cm long chunk of bone removed from the damage sight. Bua Banh walks with a limp to this day.

Care for his wounds is on ongoing ordeal, as you will see in the video below. Our goal is to raise $500 for Bua Banh to aid in some of the medical expenses required to care for his leg. You can learn more about his story, and make donnation of your own HERE. If you would like to sponsor Bua Banh as your elephant, just select his name in the sign up form. We will donate proceeds from your order directly to his trackable fund.



Suriya was only one month old when he arrived at the ECC with his mother, Mae Ven. Suriya earned his name ("sun ray") when the mahouts found him picking sugar cane in a sunlit field. Being the first calf to arrive at the center, he has grown up fearless and can be a bit of a trouble maker on occasion.

He is in great health and displays many desirable traits for herd leadership; but for now, he will need to listen to his mother and the mahouts, who are teaching him everything he needs to know about being a gentleman. 

Mae Bounmy Noy

Her name means fighting spirit! Bounmy Noy grew up in the circus industry where she was used to preform tricks for entertainment. She, and thirteen other elephants, including Joumban and Mae Seang, were rescued by the Laos prime minister from an illegal trade. At the Elephant Conservation Center, she will be forever protected from traders and circus trainers.

She is easily recognized by her floppy ears, deep cheeks, dark brown eyes and LOTS of freckles. Watch the video below of Joumban and Mae Seang, two other elephants rescued in from the same trade. 

Mae Boun Nam

Mae Boun Nam's name means, "the real survivor". She has been through it all. At age 11 she was put to work at a village in the Hongsa District transporting tourists for forest treks. She lost one of her unborn calves to a gunshot wound inflicted by a farmer, and her son, who currently lives with her at the Elephant Conservation Center, was sold into tourism at age 4. Fortunately, she and her son are protected by the ECC today.

She is very friendly, curious, and very gentle despite her harsh past.There is high hopes that she will again bring new life into this world, but she, like Bua Banh requires constant attention from the veterinarian in light of her past injuries. If you would like to sponsor her as part of the Tiny Trunks Program, simply select her name in the drop down signup menu. You can learn more about her story and track her progress HERE

Meet the rest of the herd!

If you would like to meet the rest of the herd at the ECC, you can do so HERE! With over 34 residential elephants, and more than 50 wild elephants, the ECC needs all the help they can get. If you find an elephant you would like to sponsor who is not on our sponsor list, simply reach out to and let us know which elephant you would like to sponsor, and we can put it in the system.